Business Analyst

  • Job Reference: CLR261104
  • Salary: £Competitive
  • Location: London
  • Contact: Jamie Smith on +44 (0) 20 3372 6991 or

One of the largest global funds transaction networks, connecting many of the world’s leading financial organisations are looking for a Business Analyst to conduct analysis, testing and coordinate allocated projects within the project portfolio.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivery of analysis, testing and project coordination of allocated project work, across all products and services.
  • Responsible for task managing and guiding less experience team members working on joint initiatives where required.
  • Runs projects in accordance with the agreed project process.
  • Proactively manages changes in project scope, identifies potential crises and devises contingency plans.
  • Documents business requirements and produces other business-technical documentation to a high level of quality.
  • Troubleshoots, and supports the troubleshooting of others, effectively.

Required Knowledge & Experience:

The technical knowledge required for the Client Delivery Projects function includes but is not limited to (subject matter expert in one or more areas relating to the role):

  • Power BI development; In house mapping languages; SQL server
  • Industry messaging protocols, including: FiX, ISO15022, ISO20022, XML, JSON, CSV
  • Microsoft office suite; Salesforce
  • Software development lifecycle in an Agile environment

The business knowledge required for the Client Delivery Projects function includes but is not limited to (subject matter expert in one or more areas relating to the role):

  • Roles and actors involved within funds distribution
  • Functions within a fund management company
  • Processes involved within the lifecycle of a fund
  • Types of financial product; Role of the regulator; Market practice
  • Project management processes and techniques
  • Business analysis practices and techniques
  • Problem management processes and techniques

Person Specification

Communication - Provides clear and concise progress updates on what they are responsible for to their manager and other business stakeholders; Provides reporting to manager and other business stakeholders on individual and team activities against agreed milestones; Provides clear and fair feedback to colleagues and encourages a feedback culture within the organisation.

Conduct - Demonstrates the corporate values of connected, supportive, creative and driven.

Teamwork - Able to support both peers and less experienced team members from within the same area; Voices opinions on matters regarding their team and constructively takes part in debate.

Leadership - Ensures the team are delivering to schedule and that any risks and issues are raised promptly.

Management - Ability to task manage and guide less experienced team members; Follows and suggests improvements to the agreed processes.

Knowledge - Subject matter expert in one or more areas relating to their role.

Delivery and Impact - Able to prioritise risks and issues, and able to manage those with a low impact independently; Leads well defined initiatives from inception to completion; Thorough, credible and showing attention to detail across all areas of work.

Problem Solving - Solves technical problems by defining changes in the way the system needs to be set up or behaves; Uses judgement to determine best approach to agree and document more complex solutions appropriately.

Organisation - Provides feedback on workload for the deliverables which they own.

Ownership - Accountable for deliverables which they own, including where output is produced by others; Acts with some guidance on more complex or sensitive aspects of their work.

Planning - Able to break deliverables down into steps and devise goal-oriented implementation plans; Able to get things done by engaging stakeholders appropriately.

Influence - Sought out for guidance and support by less experienced team members; Teaches others.